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Maria's* Story

New Found Confidence after Many Losses

Maria's Story

Maria’s fistula was caused by her 1st pregnancy. She spent 2 days in labor and delivered a stillborn baby. Maria became pregnant multiple times after her fistula and each delivery resulted in another devastating stillbirth.

Maria endured 4 unsuccessful fistula repair surgeries at health centers and had been leaking urine for 10 years. Danja Fistula Center’s expert fistula surgeon, Dr. Itengre, performed a successful fistula repair and after weeks of integrated physical therapy to strengthen her pelvic floor muscles and post-operative care like nutritional support and counseling, Maria was finally dry!

Maria's Story

While recovering at Danja Fistula Center (DFC Niger), Maria learned embroidery and other income generating skills through our reintegration program to return home able to provide for herself and her family.

Maria left DFC Niger, confident and optimistic, ready to start her new life after fistula.

*Name changed for privacy