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Hadiza’s Story


Danja Fistula Center is Hadiza’s home.

She makes beds, helps patients and shares her own story with fistula.

I love to help these suffering women. My own experience with fistula allows me to give advice and comfort to those living with the same condition as me. My story can reassure them that they too can be cured.

Her story starts when she was 14. Hadiza married her cousin and to the joy of her family, she soon became pregnant.

After 12 hours of labor, Hadiza was referred to a district hospital where the doctor preformed a C-section. Her baby boy was dead. Hadiza said she never even had a chance to name him.

On the 3rd day after her surgery, Hadiza noticed she was leaking but didn’t realize it was urine. The next day, a doctor told her she had an obstetric fistula.

Hadiza suffered with fistula for 5 years and 3 months.

I lived a miserable life. I thought that life was all over for me, just ruined.

Hadiza had two failed surgeries to correct her fistula before hearing about DFC on the radio. It took 6 surgeries, but finally, Hadiza was dry again!

The 22-year-old received physical therapy, education on caring for fistula and enrolled in our reintegration programs because no one in her village was making embroidered and knitted goods, but Hadiza didn’t go back to her village after she recovered. Hadiza’s husband still refuses to take her back home.

Whenever anyone talks of my returning home now, it just makes me cry. Seeing this situation, the leadership of this center proposed that I stay and help the women who have been operated on if that interested me. I liked this at once and accepted the offer with joy. I like this work helping those here for fistula treatment.

DFC has been Hadiza’s home for 3 years.

I thank the generous donors who support women living with this disastrous condition.