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Let’s Get Started

July 26, 2018

By David A. Wolf, JD

Hi. I’m the new guy.

My name is David Wolf, and I’ve been fortunate enough to have been hired as the Worldwide Fistula Fund Senior Manager of Advancement & Marketing. I’m glad to be part of the organization and appreciative of the opportunity.

My goal is to add my energy and enthusiasm to WFF as we join forces with One By One and maximize our resources to transform the lives of women and girls in Africa.

Very briefly, I started my career as an attorney, worked in publishing, and spent an extended period of time in the financial industry. Leveraging my twenty-plus years of philanthropic volunteering, I effectively transitioned into nonprofit development. Most recently I worked with a Chicago-area nonprofit dedicated to providing professional counseling, education, and support services to underserved women facing issues relating to pregnancy and maternal mental health.

Although WFF’s development program is where I’ll concentrate my efforts, I’ll always be mindful that our purpose here is to provide services to women and girls who are unlikely to receive help from any other source. Your support provides the women and girls we serve with life-changing surgery, education, and vocational training. You heal their bodies and empower them to rejoin their communities. Wow!

I’m very lucky to arrive on the scene as One By One begins to meld with WFF. This timing has allowed me to get to know both organizations and appreciate each team member’s purposeful commitment to collaboration. Moreover, the importance placed on outreach to underserved women by both organizations is a testament to the mutual mindset of creating the greatest possible impact for those with the greatest need.

That leads me to my final and most important point. I’d like to extend a grateful and sincere thank you to all of you who have supported WFF and OBO’s efforts to prevent and treat devastating childbirth injuries. It is inspiring to see individuals taking action to enact change.

The support you provide reflects the impactful expression of your values. Please know that your giving has accomplished something concrete and permanent.

My welcome at WFF has been warm and inviting at every connection. That reception reinforces my belief in the power of personal relationships. I hope to have the opportunity to speak with as many of you as possible to better understand your thoughts, expectations, and desires surrounding your involvement with Worldwide Fistula Fund.