Student Activism

Inspired by Half the Sky? Looking to give back in a new and meaningful way? Interested in spreading the word about obstetric fistula and maternal health? You’ve come to the right place because the Worldwide Fistula Fund has recently developed a Student Activism Toolkit for young people looking to make a true difference in this world. The kit, which is free for download, is jam-packed with helpful information on:

  • Cause promotion (including event suggestions, publicity and tabling techniques and FAQs)
  • Group management tactics (including how to build a strategic plan, hold an effective meeting and recruit and retain members)
  • Ways to get connected (including tips and tricks and sample e-mails)
  • Obstetric fistula and maternal health issues in developing countries
  • Additional materials to distribute to the public or use internally
Although the kit is geared towards raising awareness about and funds for obstetric fistula and the Worldwide Fistula Fund, there is plenty of general advice about activism that could be applied to any cause. Please feel free to share it with your friends or fellow students — the more young people that are engaged in activism, the better this world will be!

Your support is incredibly important to us. Please join your voice with ours to get the word out about the millions of women needlessly suffering from fistula. If you have any questions about activism, fundraising or how the WFF uses donations to help women, please e-mail