WFF Blog – A Million Eyes on Social Reintegration

WFF Blog – A Million Eyes on Social Reintegration

The most obvious work we do at the Danja Fistula Center is to offer free and life-changing surgeries to women suffering from obstetric fistula. But our work extends far beyond the transformations that begin inside our operating rooms. We have five pillars of care — some of which we’ve written about before — and those include surgical care, training, fistula prevention, research, and social reintegration.

We’ve expanded our social reintegration program in recent months with the generous support of LUSH Cosmetics, and we’re about to be featured in the company’s latest issue of Lush Times. We’re thrilled about this, because soon nearly a million copies of the Lush Times will be available in Lush stores all over the world — an incredible opportunity to spread awareness and build support for obstetric fistula programs.

Our social reintegration program helps our patients rebuild their lives after we’ve taken care of their medical needs. For the women we serve, social reintegration is often crucial to their continued happiness after fistula surgery, especially since many of these women have been shunned by their communities because of fistula.

Our social reintegration initiatives include vocational training, entrepreneurial guidance, and literacy development, which is significant in a region with a 10% literacy rate. These programs range from two weeks to eight months in length and are shaped based on the needs of particular patients. We look forward to sharing stories of our reintegration successes in the months ahead.

If you live near a Lush store, visit soon and pick up a copy of Lush Times and, even better, buy one of their Charity Pot hand and body lotions; 100% of the price goes to organizations like ours.

If you’d like to support the work we do directly, click on over to this lovely page.



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